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Top 5 Low Fat Cookbooks


You've made a commitment to healthy, low fat eating, so which cookbooks should you have to help you on your way?

1. The Essential Eating Well Cookbook

With its emphasis on "good carbs, good fats and great flavors," this book from Eating Well magazine offers a well-rounded package for healthy eating, appealing to those in both the low fat and low carb camps. And while it’s not specifically a diet book, there is plenty of nutritional analysis here. There are more than 350 recipes to choose from, with ample vegetarian choices, too.
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2. Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2009

Marking the 13th year of its annual collection of recipes, Cooking Light magazine brings us more than 1,000 delicious recipes from the past year's magazines, which is good news for those of us who avidly clip recipes from each issue and struggle to find them thereafter. As usual, Cooking Light offers plenty of innovative blends of ingredients, as well as lots of tips, suggestions and menu ideas.
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3. Cooking Healthy Across America

Healthy down-home cooking is not an oxymoron. This collection of more than 300 recipes represents a culinary trek across the United States, featuring classic regional fare made healthy, plus newer, multicultural recipes reflecting America’s rich diversity. The American Dietetic Association has done a masterly job of capturing the essence of old and new, and in bringing a lighter touch to some old favorites. Fried chicken? You bet. Bread Pudding and Bourbon Sauce? Absolutely.
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4. The New American Heart Association Cookbook

Now in its 7th edition, this 700-page tome, affectionately known as "Big Red," has 600 recipes, 150 of them new ones, along with appendixes chock-full of advice about how to change our eating habits, what to look for at the grocery store, how to read food labels, how to practice low fat cooking, and more. The one thing it lacks, however, is photos, except for the back cover and spine. It’s less a coffee table book than a great reference for flavorful, heart-healthy recipes.
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5. Betty Crocker's Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol Cooking Today

This evergreen classic offers 120 flavorful, easy to follow recipes based on a sound, commonsense approach to eating. Packed with detailed nutritional information, plus tips on how to limit our intake of fat and dietary cholesterol, there is plenty here for us to feast on, both literally and metaphorically. With 50 photographs of recipes plus more to illustrate step-by step instructions, this is always a great choice for your bookshelf.
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