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Share Your Story: Why I Eat Low Fat

By tylerstarshine

I Eat Low Fat Because ...

I suffered for several years with excruciating pain that affected everything in my life after I ate fatty foods. I was finally diagnosed with gall stones. Most people have their gall bladder out after the first attack as it is that painful but since I was misdiagnosed, I just dealt with it not knowing there was something I could do about it. I started eating a low-fat diet, lost over 60lbs, quit drinking alcohol, and started exercising regularly. Now I not only look and feel better but I haven't had an attack in almost a year!

How Do You Eat Low Fat?

Labels, Labels, Labels! Of course that applies to all processed food. Anything that doesn't have a label (fruit, veg, nut) other than meat is ok for me. As a rule for meals, I try to stay at or under 7grams but still keep things balanced. I believe in the lean protein, starch or grain and vegetable rule for meals. I just have adjusted my protein to vegetable ratio quite a bit.


  • It is ok to give in to your cravings as long as you do it sensibly. Of course, that is the hard part. Only buy healthy snacks and be prepared to exercise more if you go a little overboard. Above all, take it one day at a time.

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