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Sole and Flounder Recipes

A collection of recipes featuring sole and flounder.

Stuffed Sole With Low-Fat Parsley Sauce
Try this delicious stuffed sole with low-fat parsley sauce for a nutritious and flavorful low-fat meal. Serve with whole-grain rice and your favorite vegetables.

Low Fat Fish Chowder
A wonderfully filling low fat fish chowder made with sole fillets, red potatoes, broccoli, leeks and mushrooms.

South of the Border Sole
A simple, very low fat baked sole dish with black beans, peppers and tomato sauce.

Sole With Basil and Tomatoes
A simple and nutritious low fat sole with fragrant basil and sweet grape tomatoes.

Asian Fish Rolls
Fish is always a great low fat option. Try these aromatic, easy to prepare Asian-style fish rolls for a delightful low fat dinner.

Baked Sole with Mango
A light and delicious low fat fish dish from About's Busy Cooks Guide.

Low Fat Lemon Flounder
Low fat fish like flounder or sole are perfect dinner choices if you're watching your intake of fat. This baked flounder dish is quick and easy to prepare, and a good choice any night of the week.

Sole With Asparagus and Potatoes
A wonderful low fat fish recipe featuring asparagus spears rolled in sole fillets, and baked on a bed of sliced potatoes.

Orange-Ginger Sole
Orange-ginger sole fillets cooked in foil packets with julienned vegetables--a perfect healthy low fat recipe.

Low Fat Sole with Spinach
An all-in-one dish of sole on a bed of spinach, corn and tomatoes

Baked Corn Crusted Sole
A simple and delicious low fat corn-crusted sole that's baked to perfection.

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