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Easy Low Fat Recipes


Far from being restrictive, eating low fat is easy. Enjoy many delicious and satisfying meals and snacks that are high in flavor and low in fat, including some favorite comfort foods made over.
  1. Appetizers and Snacks
  2. Breakfast Recipes
  3. Baking
  4. Soups
  5. Salads
  6. Crockpot Recipes
  7. Chicken and Turkey Dishes
  1. Meat Dishes
  2. Fish and Seafood Recipes
  3. Pasta Dishes
  4. Side Dishes
  5. Vegetarian Recipes
  6. Desserts

Appetizers and Snacks

Mediterranean Salad

From dips and chips to nibbles on sticks, enjoy low fat appetizers, snacks and party foods.

Breakfast Recipes

Pumpkin Pancakes

Rise and shine to a nutritious breakfast. Make some delicious low-fat pancakes, a fruit-filled smoothie, or treat yourself to a warm muffin or some hot oatmeal.


Chocolate Chip Raisin Cookies

Cakes, cookies and muffins are definitely allowed, so long as you make a few substitutions to lower the fat.


Lentil Soup

Enjoy some flavorful low-fat soups for all seasons--some of them light, some of them hearty.


Low Fat Mediterranean Salad

Salad isn't automatically healthy or low fat. You have to learn to use lighter dressings and switch out high-fat ingredients for low-fat ones. The possibilities are endless: leafy greens, crunchy veggies, beans and grains can all be used to build fabulous low-fat salads.

Crockpot Recipes

Low Fat Crockpot Chicken and Mushroom Stew

It doesn't get much simpler than throwing a few ingredients in a crockpot, leaving them for a few hours, and returning to a delicious meal. The other great thing about the crockpot is that there's really no need to use added fat, other than a quick coating of nonstick cooking spray.

Chicken and Turkey Dishes

Lemon Parsley Chicken Breasts

Chicken is the perfect starting point for many a low-fat meal. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are quick cooking, versatile, and very low in fat. Skinless chicken thighs have their place too, even though they're higher in fat. And don't forget turkey, and not just for the holidays. Turkey breast is a great low-fat meal option

Meat Dishes

Mini Meatloaves

Lean cuts of meat can form the basis of many a low fat meal. Pork tenderloin is about as lean as an equivalent serving of skinless chicken, and if you watch portion sizes, lean and extra-lean beef has its place from time to time. Enjoy chilis, chops, and much more.

Fish and Seafood Recipes

Broiled Salmon With Lemon Sauce

The American Heart Association recommends we eat at least two servings of fish a week as part of a heart-healthy diet. Be sure to include fatty fish, since the fats are they are full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are thought to protect against heart disease, inflammation, certain types of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and macular degeneration.

Pasta Dishes

Tuna and Shell Pasta Salad

Pasta doesn't have to be covered in high-fat creamy sauces to be flavorful and delicious. There are plenty of delicious low-fat options, including some old favorites made over.

Side Dishes

Acorn Squash Rings

Keep your meals low fat with these side dishes, ranging from salads to rice to vegetables.

Vegetarian Recipes

Broiled Portobello Mushrooms

A great way to lower your intake of fat is to eat a meatless dish at least once or twice a week. That doesn't mean you should eat mac and cheese five nights a week, however.


Fat-Free Strawberry Pavlova

No one says you have to give up dessert just because you're eating low fat. Pudding, pies, and delicious fruit-based desserts can all be on the menu. Just remember to watch those portions. They may be low in fat, but they're not necessarily low calorie!

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