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Low Fat Soups

A selection of delicious and nutritious low-fat soups, using a variety of wholesome ingredients.

Chilled Cucumber Soup
A wonderfully refreshing cold soup featuring cucumbers, spring onions, mint and parsley blended with thick Greek yogurt.

Chicken and Leek Soup
A delicious and fragrant broth-based chicken and leek soup that's low fat and low calorie.

Manhattan Clam Chowder
A quick and easy Manhattan-style clam chowder made with a tomato broth base.

Winter Vegetable Soup
For colder days, here's a warming and delicious pureed soup of winter vegetables that's thick and satisyfing.

Minestrone Soup
This naturally low fat minestrone soup, which apparently means big soup, is full of nutritious and delicious vegetables, pasta and beans, and is practically a meal in itself, especially when accompanied by some crusty whole-grain bread.

Healthy Kale and Potato Soup
Enjoy a healthy low-fat kale and potato soup with some cooked chicken breast for an added boost of protein.

Chickpea Soup
A fragrant and delicious chickpea soup flavored with cinnamon, cumin and paprika that's high-fiber and low fat.

Butternut, Apple and Sweet Potato Soup
A sweet and savory fall soup filled with low fat goodness, this butternut, apple and sweet potato soup makes a great autumn lunch.

Roasted Broccoli Cauliflower Soup
A thick and satisfying broccoli and cauliflower soup that's perfect for a cold winter's day. Thick and creamy, this soup is surprisingly low in fat.

Butternut Squash and Apple Soup
A warm and velvety low fat butternut squash and apple soup makes a hearty and delicious autumn lunch. Serve with whole grain bread.

Low Fat Cream of Chicken Soup
Enjoy a warming, comforting cream of chicken soup with just a fraction of the fat and calories of the regular kind. Plus, it's much lower in sodium than the canned variety.

Spring Vegetable Soup
Make the most of seasonal vegetables and make a delicious low fat, low calorie spring vegetable soup.

Six Low-Fat, Low-Calorie Soups
In general, soup ought to be a wonderful way to improve your nutrition, but many soups are high in fat and calories, and very high in sodium. While there are some good alternatives at the grocery store, you can make flavorful, healthy soups at home, without all the additives of the store-bought variety. Here are six delicious low-fat, low-calorie soups to get you started.

Carrot, Tomato and Zucchini Soup
When it's cold outside, there's nothing like a pot of homemade soup to help take the chill off. Try a nice warming bowl of carrot, tomato and zucchini soup, spiced with some fresh, peppery cilantro.

Fall Harvest Soup
This fall harvest soup is a delicious medley of Autumn fruit and vegetables, which make a thick and delicious soup for the coldest of days.

Broccoli Soup
A thick and satisfying low-fat broccoli soup that makes a delicious fall or winter lunch.

Cauliflower Soup
A thick and warming low-fat cauliflower soup that's perfect for chilly fall or winter days.

Lentil and Black Bean Soup
If you want any proof that low fat can be satisfying, try this hearty and nutritious Lentil and Black Bean Soup, which makes a perfect lunch option in the cold winter months.

Mushroom Barley Soup
A soothing and warming low-fat mushroom and barley soup that's prefect for even the coldest days of winter. Enjoy with some crusty whole grain bread for a satisfying lunch.

Chunky Turkey and Rice Soup
Soup is a great way to use turkey leftovers from Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here's one of many variations: chunks of white-meat turkey with rice and vegetables in a tomato broth. Warming and delicious.

Turkey and Lentil Soup
Here's a delicious and nutritious soup made with lentils, vegetables, and leftover holiday turkey.

Acorn Squash and Apple Soup
Acorn squash and apple soup is a rich and satisfying low-fat fall soup. Enjoy this slightly sweet soup with some crusty whole grain bread.

Zucchini Soup
A perfect late-summer, early fall soup made from some of that abundant zucchini you might want to use up. This low fat zucchini soup is flavored with curry powder for a little added spice.

Low Fat Chicken, Rice and Bean Soup
A hearty and delicious low-fat chicken, rice and bean soup that's perfect for fall and winter.

Chicken and Black Bean Soup
A spicy and delicious low fat chicken and black bean soup recipe. Serve with non-fat sour cream and baked tortillas.

Spinach Soup
A delicious and nutritious spinach soup that's perfect any time of the year. Enjoy with a dollop of fat-free sour cream of plain yogurt.

Low Fat Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup
A mildly spicy low fat carrot and sweet potato soup that makes a satisfying lunch or beginning to a fall or Thanksgiving dinner.

Low Fat Italian Vegetable Soup
A flavorful low-fat Italian vegetable soup featuring carrots, onions, zucchini, tomatoes, green beans and cannellini beans.

Low Fat Split Pea Soup
Here's a comforting low-fat split pea soup. This version doesn't have ham but still makes for a warming and delicious soup. To make it truly vegetarian, use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth.

Low Fat Sweet Potato and Apple Soup
A lovely low-fat fall soup that's sweet and mildly spicy at the same time. Enjoy with some crusty whole grain bread.

Lentil Soup
A warming, nutritious, high-fiber, low fat lentil soup that's perfect for cold fall or winter days.

A chilled gazpacho soup featuring fresh vine-ripe tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, red onions and cilantro.

Low Fat Pea and Mint Soup
Serve this delightful low fat pea and mint soup at Easter or as a light spring lunch. In the summer, serve this soup chilled witha tablespoon of low fat sour cream or yogurt on top.

Low Fat Pasta and Bean Soup
Warm yourself with this hearty, comforting low fat soup. Filled with healthy vegetables, beans and pasta, this makes a filling and highly nutritious lunch or supper. Best of all, it's easy to make.

Low Fat Cream of Asparagus Soup
If you're looking for low fat asparagus recipes, try this low fat cream of asparagus soup, using fat-free sour cream and potato instead of heavy cream.

Turkey Soup
A quick and easy low fat turkey soup; perfect for using those leftovers after Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Black Bean Soup
Whip up this delicious low fat black bean soup in no time at all. A dollop of low fat or fat-free sour cream and some chopped cilantro finish this off nicely.

Low Fat Leek and Potato Soup
Try some warming, low fat leek and potato soup on St. Patrick's Day.

Red Lentil and Tomato Soup
This colorful low fat red lentil and tomato soup makes a nice lunch or a first course for an evening meal.

Sweet Potato and Squash Soup
Serve this warming low fat soup during the holidays. It's ideal for Thanksgiving or Christmas, or any time during fall and winter.

Low Fat Fish Chowder
A wonderfully filling low fat fish chowder made with sole fillets, red potatoes, broccoli, leeks and mushrooms.

Low Fat Watercress Soup
In honor of St. Patrick's Day or any time during spring and summer, enjoy the mildly peppery taste of watercress in this low fat watercress soup.

Low Fat Tomato Spinach Soup
A soup for all seasons, this low fat tomato spinach soup makes a perfect lunch.

Low Fat Chicken and Rice Soup
A warming, soothing low-fat chicken and rice soup that's good for body and soul.

Low Fat Cream of Pumpkin Soup
A luscious, velvety cream of pumpkin soup that's low in fat and full of flavor. This low fat cream of pumpkin soup is ideal as a prelude to a full Thanksgiving dinner or simply as a seasonal lunch.

Low Fat Tomato, Kale and White Bean Soup
A healthy, high-fiber low-fat tomato, kale and white bean soup.

Tomato Basil Soup
A quick and easy, low-fat, low-calorie tomato basil soup that makes a great lunch or appetizer any time of the year.

Roasted Beet and Carrot Soup
This low fat Roasted Beet and Carrot soup combines the earthiness of golden beets and the natural sweetness, enhanced by roasting, of carrots.

Chicken Posole
Low fat Chicken Posole is a Mexican-style soup featuring chicken, hominy, peppers, onions, and spices.

Tomato Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup

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