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Do we need to spend a small fortune buying books, tools and gadgets to help us cook low fat meals in our kitchens? What are must-haves and what can we live without? And where else can you look for low fat tips and recipes?
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Which Low Fat Cooking Tool Or Appliance Do You Prize Above All Others?
Readers share their must-have low-fat cooking tools and appliances.See submissions

What's In Your Bowl?
If you need a quick and easy way to figure out how much cereal to put into your breakfast bowl or what a cup of soup looks like, then Measure Up Bowls may be just for you. But do they measure up? Find out in my review of Measure Up Bowls.

Buy Low Fat Cookbooks
How do you choose from the hundreds of low fat or special diet cookbooks that are out there? How can you find the best ones for your needs?

In Praise of Indoor Grills: a Low Fat Way to Cook
For a fast, healthy, low fat way to cook, try an indoor grill. It's perfect for grilling chicken, fish and vegetables. Here's the story of my first indoor grill.

George Foreman SkilLite Searing Skillet - Review of George Foreman SkilLite...
The George Foreman SkilLite Searing Skillet offers low fat cooks a one-stop, off-stove pan with many heat functions, including the ability to sear meat, no added fat or oil required...

8 Great Stocking Stuffers for the Healthy Cook
I'm a sucker when it comes to kitchen tools and gadgets. Some are a triumph of form over substance, but some neat little kitchen tools are both cool and functional. Here's a list of 8 great stocking stuffers for the Healthy Cook in your house. If that person happens to be you, send this list to family and friends.

The Scoop on Portion Control: How Healthy Steps Tools Measure Up
Healthy Steps kitchen tools help take the guesswork out of figuring out portion sizes with a line of nifty portion-control products. But are they worth your money?

Low Fat Cooking with a Slow Cooker
Dust off your slow cooker, or crockpot, and make some delicious, satisfying low-fat meals the whole family can enjoy. In most cases, no added fat is required.

Is Nonstick Cookware Safe? Nonstick Coatings and PFOA
Nonstick cookware is a necessity in any low fat kitchen. But questions have been raised about the safety of nonstick cookware because of PFOA, a chemical used in bonding nonstick surfaces. DuPont, makers of Teflon-brand nonstick cookware, has come under particular scrutiny. Here's why.

Which Type of Cookware is Safest for Cooking?
Since chemicals used to make Teflon were linked to health hazards, consumers have wondered about the safety of their Teflon cookware. This article explores the safety and potential health risks of several types of cookware, from Teflon to Aluminum to Stainless Steel, and offers practical advice.

Top 10 Ways to Ruin a Nonstick Pan
Mariette Mifflin, About’s Guide to Housewares / Appliances, has a list of 10 things we should never do to our nonstick pans.

Gift Ideas for the Low Fat Cook
Whether you're searching for a holiday gift for the low fat cook in your house, or looking to treat yourself to some new kitchen gadgets, you can find 10 great ideas here.

10 More Gift Ideas for the Low Fat Cook
Cool and functional, these kitchen tools would make wonderful gifts for the low fat cook in your house.

5 Non-Cookbooks for the Health-Conscious Cook
Sometimes we want more than just a book of recipes. If you're a health-conscious cook, or you know someone who is, any one of these 5 non-cookbooks would make useful and interesting Holiday gifts

5 Great Healthy Eating Books
Want to know why eating causes so much anxiety, and why we eat so much corn in its various guises? Do you know why we overeat and what can we do about it? How about a good book that shows you how to lighten some of your favorite recipes? If you're interested in healthy eating, these five excellent books should be on your shelves.

Low Fat Cookbooks
There are many good low fat cookbooks to choose from. Here are five that should be on your shelves.

Before You Buy Kitchen Tools
Choosing tools and gadgets for the low fat kitchen is not any different to deciding what to buy for a regular kitchen. The same commonsense questions need to be asked: do I need this, and will I actually use it? Before you open your wallets, think about what you already have, what you need and how much you are willing to pay.

Before You Buy a Cookbook
How do you choose from the hundreds of low fat or special diet cookbooks that are out there? How can you find the best ones for your needs?

Low Fat Jewish Cookbooks
Jewish cooking is not traditionally low fat but there are a few cookbooks out there that offer low fat alternatives to traditonal recipes.

Which Low Fat Cookbooks Should I buy?
With so many low fat or special diet cookbooks out there, it's hard to know which ones we should have. Here are some that are worth having.

Cooking Tools and Equipment
Do we need any special tools and equipment for low fat cooking?

The New American Heart Association Cookbook
With 600 recipes to choose from, plus a wealth of advice, tips and menu suggestions, this could be the one-stop low fat cookbook you've been looking for.

Silicone Bakeware
Silicone bakeware offers us a nonstick, flexible alternative to traditional metal baking pans, making it easier for us to turn out perfect muffins and cakes.

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