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Low Fat Living


Low-fat living is about changing the way you think about food, from understanding what eating low fat means, to knowing which foods to eat and avoid, which ingredients to buy, and what you need to help you reduce fat in cooking. For some, low fat living is a medical necessity, for others it's a choice--one step on the road to leading a healthier lifestyle.
  1. All About Fat
  2. What Do We Mean By Low Fat?
  3. The Benefits of Eating Low Fat
  4. In Depth: Managing Cholesterol
  1. Low Fat Tips and How Tos
  2. What Ingredients to Buy
  3. Cookbooks and Product Reviews
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

All About Fat

Low Fat Dairy Products

Shouldn't we aim for a no-fat diet? Absolutely not. Once, all fats were seen as bad for us, and we were advised to cut fat regardless of its type. Now, however, we have a better idea of which fats we should use wisely, and which ones we should minimize.

What Do We Mean By Low Fat?

Fat Labels

Labels can be confusing. What does the term "low fat" mean anyway? How low should we go? Sort through the confusion and find out what we mean by low fat, and how that translates in the real world.

The Benefits of Eating Low Fat

The link between diet and health is undeniable, but exactly what in our diet affects our overall health is open to question, and conventional wisdom is always changing. There are still reasons to limit our intake of fat, and to focus our reduced fat calories on certain types of fat.

In Depth: Managing Cholesterol

Stethoscope Heart

High cholesterol affects more than 65 million Americans. It's an often symptomless yet serious condition that increases our risk of heart disease. The higher our blood cholesterol level, specifically low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, the greater the risk. The good news is that there are many different ways to reduce high cholesterol or even prevent it altogether. About.com's Guide to Cholesterol covers the various steps we can take to manage our cholesterol, not only through medication, but also through diet, and certain changes in lifestyle. Let's take a closer look.

Low Fat Tips and How Tos

Separating Eggs

Looking for ways to cut back on fat? Find some great tips, shortcuts and explanations of how to lower the fat in your everyday cooking.

What Ingredients to Buy

Low Fat Foods

Low fat cooking becomes easier if low fat ingredients are on hand and temptation is out of the way. To change the way we cook and eat, we must first give our kitchens a low fat makeover. We can lose the habit of cooking with excess fat, or adding butter, cheese and sour cream at every opportunity if these items are replaced with low fat or fat free alternatives.

Cookbooks and Product Reviews


Fancy gadgets, colorful bakeware, mouthwatering cookbooks are all lovely to have, but which ones are worth having. Also, there are some great low-fat foods and products available, and some not so great. Find out what to buy, and what not to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions


Once you decide to follow a low fat diet or simply reduce fat in your everyday cooking, you'll need some answers to some important questions. Here are some common questions asked about eating low fat.

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