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30 Ways to Cut Fat at Mealtimes

Cut Fat at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Whether you’re eating at home or away, you can shave fat calories by making some of the following smart choices. Bear in mind that simply cutting fat doesn’t automatically mean better nutrition or significant calorie savings unless you also make other smart choices, such as limiting refined sugars, watching sodium content, choosing whole grains and limiting portions. The goal in cutting fat is not to eliminate fat from our diet, but to limit fat calories to the so-called good fats, the fats that help combat the effect of saturated and trans fats, which have been linked to raising cholesterol, heart disease and increased risk of stroke.

10 Ways to Cut Fat at Breakfast

  1. Use nonfat milk in your morning coffee or latte, or use fat-free half and half
  2. Spread your whole-grain toast with trans-fat-free spread or good-quality preserves
  3. Eat lean turkey/chicken sausage or turkey bacon
  4. Choose fresh fruit instead of hash browns
  5. Switch two egg whites for one or more of your eggs
  6. Use reduced-fat cheese in your omelet or breakfast sandwich
  7. Eat low-fat or nonfat yogurt with some sliced fresh fruit
  8. Choose whole-grain cereal with nonfat milk
  9. Top your pancakes or waffles with fresh fruit and a drizzle of syrup instead of cream and butter
  10. Cut portion sizes (two-egg omelet instead of three; two pancakes instead of four, and so on)

10 Ways to Cut Fat at Lunch

  1. Use thinly-cut lean meats such as turkey, and use fewer slices
  2. Make tuna or chicken salad sandwiches with thick Greek-style plain yogurt instead of mayonnaise
  3. Opt for reduced-fat cheese or just one slice of good-quality, flavorful full-fat cheese
  4. Choose low-fat mayo or use mustard or relish in place of fattening dressings
  5. Fill your whole-grain sandwich with salad vegetables such as romaine, shredded carrots, tomato slices, sweet peppers, and red onions
  6. Eat a cup of broth-based chicken, vegetable or bean-based soup and half a sandwich
  7. Select fresh fruit on the side instead of potato chips, or choose a small helping of baked chips
  8. Eat a non-fat or low-fat fruit-flavored yogurt or a fat-free chocolate pudding cup instead of a cookie for a sweet treat
  9. Eat a baked potato with salsa and a dollop of fat-free thick Greek yogurt on top, instead of butter or sour cream
  10. Choose grilled chicken rather than crispy in your sandwich or salad, and skip the fries

10 Ways to Cut Fat at Dinner

  1. Skip appetizers
  2. Opt for lean meat such as chicken breast, turkey, pork tenderloin
  3. Select fish at least twice a week. In this case, fatty fish are a good choice because they contain omega-3 fatty acids, the good fats our bodies can’t manufacture. Salmon is a great option
  4. Go meatless at least once a week. Think vegetable curry, three-bean chili, ratatouille, risotto, pasta and vegetables
  5. Avoid cream and cheese-filled dishes such as gratins
  6. Oven fry instead of pan fry
  7. Flavor dishes with herbs, spices, salsas and fruits instead
  8. Use broth or fat-free milk/half and half in mashed potatoes, soups, gravies and stews
  9. Thicken sauces and gravy with cornstarch
  10. Eat dessert occasionally, not every night, or finish dinner with a piece of fruit
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