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Low Fat Holiday and Seasonal Recipes


Every season brings a delicious variety of foods. Find out how to prepare those foods with a lot less fat, whether you're barbecuing for July 4th or preparing a Thanksgiving or Christmas feast.
  1. Fall Recipes
  2. Winter Recipes
  3. Spring Recipes
  4. Summer Recipes

Fall Recipes

Roasted Butternut Squash

With fall comes beautifully colored fruit and vegetables in green, yellow, orange, and red hues. Think squash, pumpkins, apples and pears. Enjoy a variety of hearty and delicious low-fat fall dishes.

Winter Recipes

Holiday icebox Cookies

Comforting stews, warming soups and a range of seasonal delights from holiday cookies to Super Bowl food scream extra fat and calories. But this needn't be the case. Switch out some ingredients here and there, limit portion sizes, and you can enjoy low-fat versions of many a seasonal favorite.

Spring Recipes

Herbed Roast Chicken

Leave heavy comfort foods behind and enjoy some low fat recipes for spring, including light soups, roast chicken, fish, and some low fat sweet treats.

Summer Recipes

Southwestern Burgers

Fire up the grill, toss some salads, grab your picnic blanket, and enjoy some fabulous low-fat summer foods.

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