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Health, Fitness and Low Fat Living

Find out how low fat living impacts our overall health and well-being. Explore good fats, bad fats and hidden fats. See how a diet low in fat, when combined with moderate exercise, affects our risk from life-threatening diseases.

Is Fat Back?
Nutrition advice is always changing. First, all fat was bad, then we were told that there are good fats and bad fats. Now we're being told that one of the "bad" fats, is actually not harmful at all. What's going on, and is eating low fat redundant?

Saturated Fat and Heart Disease
What if saturated fat intake had nothing to do with causing heart attacks? A study published in the March 2014 Annals of Internal Medicine can find no real link.

Six Ways to Eat Low Fat and Lose Weight
Include these six foods to help you eat less fat naturally. No gimmicks, no pills -- just real food.

6 Steps to Healthy Eating
Improve your diet with these six easy healthy steps.

How Healthy is Your Refrigerator?
Having heatlhy foods in your refrigerator goes a long way to helping you eat right. After all, you can cook and snack with what you have on hand, right? Take a look at your refrigerator: do you have the necessary healthy and nutritious foods to keep you on track?

Food Labels, Servings and Portion Distortion
Food labels need an overhaul, not least because in spite of the information provided, people are still confused by what the information really means and how many calories they really eat.

MyPlate: a Farewell to Food Pyramids

Healthy Eating on the Road
Sticking to a healthy eating plan while traveling poses a huge challenge. After all, airports, rest stops, garages and diners are hardly known for their healthy fare. That said, it is possible to find healthier, low-fat options. Here's how.

5 Healthy Foods That Aren't Necessarily So
Certain foods have a healthy ring to their name and some of these in their purest form are indeed healthy. But if you think that a diet that includes granola, wheat bread, Greek yogurt and fruit smoothies must be a healthy one, think again.

Book Review: Snack Girl to the Rescue
Packed with smart advice laced with humor and filled with yummy recipes under 400 calories, "Snack Girl to the Rescue!" is a road map to getting healthy and achieving sensible, sustainable weight loss.

Is Healthy Eating Too Expensive?
Researchers at the University of Washington found that eating healthy can cost families an extra $2,000 a year to meet dietary guidelines. Is this the real reason some people make poor food choices?

Grilling 101 for Low Fat Cooks
Grilling is a great way to cook low fat. Lean meat, chicken, fish, vegetables and even fruit all benefit from being grilled. Find out how to enjoy safe, healthy grilling this summer.

The Scoop on Portion Control: How Healthy Steps Tools Measure Up
How much we eat matters almost as much as what we eat, but we often have a hard time figuring out portion sizes. Healthy Steps kitchen tools help take the guesswork out of this with a a line of nifty portion-control products. But are they worth your money?

The Beef With Ground Beef: Pink Slime
More than two-thirds of ground beef, lean or otherwise, sold in the United States contains pink slime, a pejorative term for boneless lean beef trimmings used as a filler in ground beef. What is it, and why is there such an outcry?

MyPlate: a Farewell to Food Pyramids
In June 2011 the U.S. government replaced the decades-old food pyramid with a new symbol: a plate known as MyPlate. A plate symbol seems to make more sense than a pyramid, but in reality, is MyPlate likely to be any more useful in helping us eat more healthfully?

Why I Eat Low Fat
Readers share their reasons for eating low fat. For some, it's a medical necessity, for others, it's a way to control weight. What are your reasons for eating low fat?

How Eating Fish Can Help You Eat Low Fat
Fish is an excellent source of lean protein that's chock full of vitamins and minerals, and is low in saturated fat. Eating fish twice a week can confer some interesting health benefits. find out why fish should be a part of your diet.

Does Reducing Saturated Fats Decrease Our Risk of Heart Disease?
If saturated fats raise total and LDL cholesterol, which increases our risk of heart disease, does this mean that reducing saturated fats may decrease our risk? Yes and No.

30 Ways to Cut Fat at Mealtimes
Rather than following a super-restrictive diet, find ways to cut fat at every meal, whether you're eating at home or at a restaurant. Here are 30 tips to cut fat, 10 for each mealtime.

How Can I Spot High-Fat Foods When I Eat Out?
It's one thing trying to eat low fat at home, it's quite another trying to do so at a restaurant. How can you decode the menu to avoid high-fat foods?

Why We Overeat
Overeating is a common problem. Michelle May, in "Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat," break the cycle yet eat without guilt. David Kessler, in "The End of Overeating," shows us how the food industry manipulates consumers into eating more than they should.

Beyond Diet
Eating a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet is one step on the road to managing cholesterol, but what else can you do to help keep your cholesterol levels in check? If you’re trying to avoid cholesterol-lowering medication, you may be considering taking certain dietary supplements. If so, About's Guide to Cholesterol takes a look at what works and what doesn't. Other factors that can affect choleste…

The Role of Fiber in Lowering High Cholesterol
Fiber is a key component of any healthy diet, in part because fiber-rich foods tend to be filling, naturally low in fat and cholesterol, and promote a healthy digestive system. Fiber can also be an effective way of lowering blood cholesterol. About's Guide to Cholesterol explains how, and which kind of fiber can help.

Cholesterol-Lowering Diets
A typical dietary approach to lowering cholesterol focuses on consuming less fat, especially saturated and trans fats. But a standard low-fat diet isn't for everyone; nor is it necessarily the right approach. About's Guide to Cholesterol examines different cholesterol-lowering diets to see if they measure up.

Cholesterol and the Low Fat Lifestyle
If you need to lower your cholesterol, one of the things you can do is reduce your intake of fat, in particular, saturated fat and trans fats. These fats can raise levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol, and, in the case of trans fats, lower levels of HDL (good) cholesterol. Other fats can be beneficial or have a neutral effect on cholesterol. Even so, too much fat can lead to weight gain, which in itse…

Understanding Cholesterol
According to the National Heart, Blood and Lung Institute, high blood cholesterol affects more than 65 million Americans. It's a serious, often symptomless condition that increases our risk of heart disease. The higher our blood cholesterol level, specifically low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, the greater the risk. Taking steps to reduce high cholesterol through diet, medication, lifesty…

Sargento Reduced Fat Cheese
No doubt about it, cheese is one the main sources of saturated fat in our diet, but if you're trying cut back on fat, try reduced fat cheese. I reviewed Sargento's new line of reduced fat cheeses. Find out hhow they measure up.

Why Low Fat Doesn't Mean No Fat
Mention the words low fat and people think of celery sticks, carrots and steamed everything else. It doesn't have to be that way. Eating low fat means making informed choices, and distinguishing good fats from bad.

Fat Fallacies
Just when we got used to hearing that all fat was bad, we started to hear that only some fat was bad, and that certain kinds of fat were actually good for us. Rather than clarify matters, it seems that we're more confused about fats than ever. Here are some common misconceptions.

Is it Time to Ditch Low Fat Diets?
Is the current orthodoxy on eating low fat plain wrong? Books and articles claim there's no real link between dietary fat and disease, and that the switch to low-fat eating is responsible for the obesity epidemic. Why should we still continue to eat low fat?

What Are Omega-3 Fatty Acids?
Even if we're trying to eat low fat, it's vital to our overall health and wellbeing that we include some fat in our diet, especially unsaturated fats. In particular, it's important to include omega-3 fatty acids. Find out why, and where you can get these fats.

Bad Fats May Worsen Heart Attacks
A diet rich in saturated fats and trans fats may cause a build up of fat in heart cells, interfering with the heart's electrical flow, and cause a more severe heart attack.

Fat on the Inside
Scientists have discovered that it's possible to be thin on the outside and fat on the inside, putting apparently healthy people at risk of heart disease. We already know the Body Mass Index is flawed as a tool for measuring body fat. Is there a better tool?

Year in Review: Top 10 News Stories on Fats in 2006
Fats can be good for you, or they can be bad. See which stories on dietary fats made my top 10 news items for 2006.

What is Z Trim?
Z Trim is a fiber-based fat substitute that can replace up to half the fat in foods. But will it succeed where other fat substitutes have failed?

Top 5 Healthy Eating Books of 2006
Want to know why eating causes so much anxiety, and why we eat so much corn in its various guises? Do you know why we overeat and what can we do about it? How about a good book that shows you how to lighten some of your favorite recipes? If you're interested in healthy eating, these five excellent books should be on your shelves.

Can We Eat Peanut Butter on a Low Fat Diet?
Peanut butter is hardly a low-fat food, but a peanut butter sandwich using whole grain bread, or some apples with a peanut butter dip can make a nutritious snack. So the question is: should we really eat peanut butter if we're eating low fat?

What One High-Saturated-Fat Meal Can Do
A small study published in August 2006 suggests that eating just one high-saturated-fat meal can hinder the ability of HDL or "good" cholesterol to protect our arteries in as little as three hours after eating that meal. Just think what a lifetime of eating high-saturated-fat foods can do.

Is Nonstick Cookware Safe? Nonstick Coatings and PFOA
Nonstick cookware is a necessity in any low fat kitchen. But questions have been raised about the safety of nonstick cookware because of PFOA, a chemical used in bonding nonstick surfaces. DuPont, makers of Teflon-brand nonstick cookware, has come under particular scrutiny. Here's why.

Why You Shouldn't Quit Your Low Fat Diet
Low fat diets have taken a battering since the publication of a landmark study concluded that there was no link between low fat diets and disease prevention. Should we abandon our low fat diets and much on hamburgers once more. In short, no.

MyPyramid for Kids
The USDA published MyPyramid for Kids, a food pyramid aimed specifically at children. Will this help kids make the right food choices?

Food Groups and Serving Sizes
Determining what to eat, and how much, can be confusing. There are nutritional tools available, but they are not without pitfalls.

Low Fat Cooking Book Review - The No-Fad Diet by The American Heart Association
The "No-Fad Diet" is the American Heart Association's first foray into weight loss. As the title suggests, the No-Fad Diet shuns the notion of the quick fix and instead promotes safe and steady weight loss through healthy eating and increased physical activity.

Low Fat Cooking Book Review - The Portion Teller by Lisa R. Young
According to "The Portion Teller," it's not what we eat that makes us fat but how much we eat. For too long we have equated portions with servings. "The Portion Teller" teaches us to size up our favorite foods through simple visuals such as a baseball, CD case or computer mouse, which are more easily understood than cups and tablespoons.

Low Fat Cooking Poll - The USDA's New Food Pyramid
Low Fat Cooking Poll on the New Food Pyramid

Heart-Healthy Canola Oil
Because of its low level of saturated fat, canola oil can now bear the qualified health claim that it may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Are Walnuts More Heart-Healthy Than Olive Oil?
Olive oil has been seen as the key element in a heart-healthy Mediterranean diet, but research seems to suggest that walnuts play a more active role in protecting our hearts.

The Benefits and Risk of Eating Fish
With so much conflicting advice about whether fish is good or bad for us, a fall 2006 Insititute of Medicine report weighs the evidence.

Top 10 Global Food Trends
Low fat is back; health and convenience are in. These are some of the Top 10 Global Food Trends, according to an article in April 2005's Food Technology magazine, published by the Institute of Food Technologists, a non-profit group of food-science professionals.

Functional-Food Trends and Fats
Functional foods are marketed to support a particular health claim. Find out why we are so attracted to functional foods and why foods labeled merely as "low fat" are less attractive than before.

Which is Better - Butter or Margarine?
Is butter better or worse for us than margarine? Neither is ideal, especially if we following a low fat diet.

Trans Fats - Low Fat Cooking Profile
What are trans fats? Why are trans fats thought to be worse than saturated fats? And how can we find out which foods have trans fats hidden in them?

Partially and Fully Hydrogenated Fats
How can foods containing hydrogenated oils be labeled trans-fat-free or display 0g trans fats?

How Much Do You Know About Trans Fats?
How much do you know about trans fats? Test your knowledge with my quiz.

Can Eggs Be Part of a Low Fat Diet?
Can eggs be part of a low fat diet? What about the cholesterol in eggs? Are there any health benefits to eating eggs?

Can Beef Fit into a Low-Fat Diet?
A reader asks,"I want to eat low fat but I love to eat an occasional steak or hamburger. Do I need to stop eating beef?" Find out my answer.

Chocolate as a Health Food?
Chocolate is neither low fat nor low calorie, but its high flavonoid content may be good for your heart. Most of these antioxidant compounds are destroyed in processing, however.

Enova Oil - Low Fat Cooking Profile
Enova brand oil is a different kind of cooking oil, which is processed differently by our bodies so that less of it is stored as fat. Find out, from your Guide to Low Fat Cooking, how it works.

Meatless Monday
The Meatless Monday campaign makes perfect sense if you are trying to eat a low fat diet, yet it is not without its critics. Your Guide to Low Fat Cooking finds out why from Dr. Robert Lawrence of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Quiz on Fat and Saturated Fat
How much do you know about fat? Try my quiz and see.

Good Fish, Bad Fish
Shereen Jegtvig, About's Guide to Nutrition, explains how fish can be both good for us and bad for us, and offers alternative sources of heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

Ten Ways to Start or Restart a Low Fat Diet
Is one of your New Year's resolutions to eat a healthy low fat diet? Or perhaps spring or summer are looming and you need to reassess your diet. Here are ten ways to get you started or back on track.

Understanding Fats
Some fats are necessary and beneficial to our health; others are not. Find out how to choose your fats wisely.

Top Ten Dieting Myths
Jennifer Scott, About.com's Guide to Weight Loss, brings us the Top 10 dieting myths, and busts them.

How Much Fat Should We Eat?
How much fat should we eat? Whether or not you are following a low fat diet, this is an important question. The government's new dietary guidelines provide some insight.

Low Fat Cooking Book Review - Fit Food: Eating Well for Life by Ellen Haas
Fit Food by Ellen Haas invites us to discover the 21 fit foods that can help us manage our weight and offer the best protection against chronic diseases. Fit Food emphasizes freshness and flavor, together with balance and variety.

Weight Loss Woes
Is a low fat diet right for you? Or should you follow another kind of diet? With conflicting scientific research, it's hard to know which diet to choose to achieve sustainable weight loss.

Low Fat Cooking Book Review - The Volumetrics Eating Plan by Barbara Rolls
Do diets leave you feeling hungry all the time? The Volumetrics Eating Plan teaches us to choose foods that help us feel fuller for longer, causing us to eat fewer calories overall.

Switching Milk
Although 2% milk has less fat than whole milk, it is not a low fat choice, as some people believe. Strictly, it counts as reduced fat. Drinking 2% milk should only be a temporary step on the way to drinking either 1% or, better still, fat free milk.

Low Fat vs. Low Carb
A study finds that low fat diets are better at keeping the weight off.

Cholesterol Glossary
HDL, LDL, triglycerides? What do these mean? Consult this useful glossary compiled by About.com's Guide to Cholesterol to find out.

Getting Enough Calcium
How and where can be get adequate amounts of calcium? Shereen Jegtvig, About's Guide to Nutrition, has the answer.

The Calcium Connection
Not only does calcium help build strong teeth and bones, it also plays a role in regulating the body's fat-burning mechanism.

The Benefits of Breakfast
There are many good reasons to eat breakfast each day. About.com's Guide to Nutrition explains why.

5 A Day for the Heart
According to a study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, eating our fruits and vegetables does provide some protection against heart disease. But the jury is still out over whether they also protect against cancer.

The health benefits of apples
Apples contain important compounds that may help protect against Alzheimer's disease. They are also a useful dietary tool for controlling our appetites.

What Does Fat Free Really Mean?
When something is said to be fat free, does this mean there is no fat at all, and can we eat as much of it as we like?

We Can! Ways to Enhance Children's Activity & Nutrition
A public-health campaign aimed at combatting obesity. Practical tools and tips to help parents teach children to eat healthy and exercise more.

Should Children be on Low Fat Diets?
Given that nearly two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese, should our kids be on low fat diets?

Trans Fat News
Ban Trans Fats is a California-based non-profit company that campaigns to reduce and eliminate trans fats from all foods.

Low Fat Cooking Book Review - The New American Plate Cookbook
The New American Plate Cookbook, published by the American Institute for Cancer Research, offers a way to achieve both a healthy weight and a healthier life through managing the portions and proportions of food on our plates.

How To Lower the Fat in Children's Diets - Overweight Kids and Healthy Eating
Researchers predict that nearly half of all children in North and South America will be overwieght by 2010. One-third are already considered overweight. How can we lower the fat in children's diets and help them lead healthier lives?

Avian Flu and Poultry - Bird Flu and Safe handling of Chicken
Concerns about avian flu, or bird flu, have prompted questions about whether we should continue to eat chicken and other poultry.

Good Fats, Bad Fats, Worst Fats
Once upon a time, all fats were bad. Now we talk about good fats, bad fats, possibly not-so-bad fats, and really bad fats. Confused? You're not alone.

Do Cooking Oils Contain Saturated Fat?
One way to cut saturated fat in our diets is to choose liquid oils over solid fats, but cooking oils are not saturated-fat-free.

The American Heart Association on Saturated Fats and Trans Fats
The American Heart Association revised its Dietary Guidelines for the first time since 2000, taking aim at saturated fats and trans fats.

What are the Main Sources of Saturated Fat?
Saturated fat raises blood cholesterol putting us at risk of heart disease and stroke. But what are the chief sources of saturated fat, and how can we reduce our intake?

Low Fat Dairy and Blood Pressure
Can eating low-fat dairy products reduce blood pressure? One study suggests they can.

George Foreman SkilLite Searing Skillet - Review of George Foreman SkilLite...
Find out whether this one-stop, off-stove George Foreman SkilLite Searing Skillet is worth having in your low fat kitchen.

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