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Ground Beef Recipes

A collection of low fat recipes featuring lean or extra-lean ground beef.

Low Fat Tamale Pie
Here's a low fat tamale pie that uses extra-lean ground beef and reduced-fat cheese instead of regular versions. The end result is still a delicious and satisfying Mexican-style pie.

Low Fat Beef and Black Bean Chili
A low fat beef and black bean chili that's hearty enough for any appetite. Filled with extra-lean ground beef, black beans, and plenty of vegetables, this low fat chili can be enjoyed on its own, over a small baked potato, or with a side of whole grain rice.

Low Fat Beef Tacos
Seasoned extra-lean ground beef scooped into warmed corn tortillas and topped with reduced fat cheese and a selection of low fat or fat-free toppings.

Beef and Penne Casserole
A low fat family-friendly ground beef and pasta dish that's sure to please everybody at dinner time.

The Beef With Ground Beef: Pink Slime
Before you use your lean or extra lean ground beef, do you know if it contains so-called pink slime? If it does, the label on the package is unlikely to tell you. Find out about ground beef and the filler pejoratively known as pink slime.

Low Fat Beef and Rice Casserole
A hearty yet low fat beef and rice casserole that's perfect for cold winter days.

Low Fat Polenta Bake
This low fat polenta bake is quite similar to lasagna, only it uses slices of polenta instead of pasta.

Low Fat Pinto Bean and Sweet Corn Chili
Using only a small amount of extra-lean ground beef, this chili is boosted by fiber-rich pinto beans and sweet corn to make a hearty, healthy, low fat chili.

Low Fat Mini Meatloaves - Muffin Meatloaf
These low fat mini meatloaves are made in a muffin pan, which cuts the normal cooking time of meatloaf by about half. These little meatloaves will appeal to kids, as they're just the right size.

Low Fat Spaghetti and Meatballs
Enjoy this low fat spaghetti and meatballs dish any night of the week. Use extra-lean ground beef to lower the fat in the meatballs; add tomato sauce and chopped onion to the mix to keep the meatballs moist. Finally, by baking the meatballs rather than frying them, you'll save even more fat calories.

Low Fat Spicy Burgers with Yogurt Dressing
Try these low fat spicy burgers with a yogurt dressing at your next cookout. Serve with whole wheat pita bread, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes for a refreshing summer supper.

Low Fat Skillet Beef and Vegetables
A quick and easy low fat skillet beef and vegetables dish made with extra-lean ground beef and an assortment of vegetables.

Three Bean Crockpot Chili
A hearty, warming low fat crockpot chili with extra-lean ground beef, kidney beans, pinto beans and black beans.

Low Fat Spicy Ground Beef Recipe - How to make Low Fat Spicy Ground Beef
A tasty, low-fat spicy beef dish, using curry powder or garam masala for maximum flavor.

Low Fat Beef and Bean Bake
An easy, low fat dish made with layers of corn tortillas filled with extra-lean ground beef, tomatoes and pinto beans, with a sprinkling of reduced fat cheese on top.

Low Fat Shepherd's Pie
A low fat version of Shepherd's Pie, a traditional English comfort-food classic, made with extra-lean ground beef, vegetables and topped with potato.

Spaghetti Bolognese
This low fat version of spaghetti Bolognese is full of flavor, even though it takes a fraction of the time it takes to make a traditional Bolognese sauce. Made with extra-lean ground beef, this dish also has a fraction of the fat.

Low Fat Lasagna, Southwestern Style
Add some spice to your lasagna and make this low fat Southwestern version tonight. It's an ideal supper on a cold winter's night or for taking to a potluck.

Low Fat Game Day Chili
Serve this hearty low fat chili to a crowd during the play-offs or on Superbowl Sunday. The best part is, they won't be able to tell it's low fat.

Low Fat Beef Enchiladas
Extra-lean ground beef helps make these enchiladas low in saturated fat. Using reduced-fat cheese and 98% fat-free flour tortillas helps reduce the fat and calorie count even more.

Low Fat Beef and Vegetable Pie
An easy, low fat pie, using extra-lean ground beef, vegetables and reduced-fat all-purpose baking mix.

Low Fat Burgers
Extra-lean ground beef forms the base for these low fat burgers. Adding onion, tomato sauce and Worcestershire sauce to the mix help keep these burgers moist.

Low Fat Southwestern Burgers
Enjoy these low fat Southwestern burgers made with extra-lean ground beef, black beans, jalapeno, cumin and cilantro.

How to Make Low Fat Burgers
You don't have to give up beef in your burgers. Find out how to make moist, flavorful low fat burgers using lean and extra-lean ground beef.

Low Fat Curried Beef
Extra-lean ground beef cooked with onions, carrots, tomatoes, peas and fragrant curry spices.

Thai-Style Ground Beef
Enjoy a quick and easy ground beef dish accented with Thai spices and a little light coconut milk. It makes a nice change from spaghetti sauce.

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