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Low Fat Dessert Recipes

We all need to indulge our sweet tooth from time to time, so here's a selection of delicious low fat dessert recipes, plus some low fat tips and suggestions.
  1. Cakes (11)
  2. Cheesecakes and Bars (9)
  3. Chocolate Desserts (11)
  4. Crisps and Cobblers (7)
  5. Fruit Desserts (47)
  6. Pies and Tarts (17)
  7. Puddings (13)

Low Fat Lemon Curd
A lighter but no less delicious lemon curd that makes a great filling for mini phyllo tarts, or as a spread for whole-grain toast.

Low Fat Custard Sauce
Top your low fat pies and fruit with a low fat custard sauce so you can enjoy warm, comforting desserts with a fraction of the calories.

Yogurt for Dessert
When you get the urge to eat something creamy for dessert, consider yogurt. Yogurt is the perfect low-fat alternative to cream, ice cream and much healthier than even the light or fat-free toppings from the freezer cabinet.

Low Fat Summer Desserts - A Photo Gallery
A photo collection of low-fat summer desserts, with links to the recipes.

Valentine's Day Desserts
Some delicious low fat desserts that are perfect for Valentine's Day, from chocolate to fruit-flavored treats, there's something for everyone.

The Biggest Mistakes When Making Meringue
With only a few ingredients, making a meringue ought to be simple, but there are some common mistakes to avoid to ensure perfect meringue every time.

How to Make a Great Meringue
This step-by step shows you how to go about making a great meringue.

Lemon Granita
This zesty lemon granita makes a refreshing dessert. Best of all, it's fat free.

Fig Apple Compote
This recipe, brought to us by the About Guide to Home Cooking, is delicious any time of the year, but especially in the fall.

Low Fat Raspberry Squares
This sweet low fat dessert is a delightful treat. Enjoy these raspberry squares anytime or serve them at a holiday gathering. They won't last long.

Fat Free Creme Brulee
A fat free Crème Brûlée that uses nonfat Greek yogurt instead of cream and eggs. It also hides a little fruity surprise.

Low Fat Panna Cotta
Here's a low fat panna cotta, which is light, silky textured and, despite being low fat, still manages to taste creamy.

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