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Top 8 Low Fat Christmas Cookies

Tasty Holiday Treats


While visions of sugarplums rarely dance in my head, I do have a thing for Christmas cookies. The trouble is, Christmas cookies are not exactly low fat. So here are 8 great low-fat or reduced-fat cookie recipes that let you have your um ... cookie and eat it!

1. Thumbprint Cookies

Low Fat Thumbprint Cookies
Fiona Haynes
I find these little cookies irresistible. Despite trying to make these cookies low fat, I still firmly believe a little butter is necessary with these. I use just a 1/4 cup, which is half a stick. If you prefer, you can use a trans-fat-free baking stick formulated from vegetable oils, which contains signifcantly less saturated fat than butter. Enjoy these little cookies with a cup of non-fat cocoa. This is the perfect cookie recipe for kids to make.

2. Sugar Cookies

Low Fat Sugar Cookies
Fiona Haynes
With almost half the butter of most sugar cookies, you can treat yourself to one of these low fat Christmas cookies without feeling too guilty. Top with sprinkles before baking or add a glaze afterwards using confectioner's sugar, lemon juice and some food coloring.

3. Chocolate Peppermint Meringue Cookies

Fat Free Chocolate Peppermint Meringue Cookies
Fiona Haynes
If you're looking for an even lighter cookie option for the holidays, then these fat free Chocolate Peppermint Meringue Cookies will surely fit the bill. Crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside, they make a tasty sweet and minty morsel.

4. Icebox Cookies

Low Fat Icebox Cookies
Fiona Haynes
Buttery and sweet, these delicious little icebox cookies make a great gift from your kitchen or an ideal offering at a cookie exchange or holiday party. Decorate with colored sugars or drizzle with a gkaze made from powdered sugar and a little lemon juice.

5. Crispy Rice Cereal Treats

Low Fat Crispy Rice Treats
Fiona Haynes
A favorite of kids of all ages, these no-bake crispy rice cereal treats can be made extra special for the holidays using cookie cutters, colored food gel, and holiday-themed sprinkles. The kids will enjoy helping with this recipe, but be prepared for a sticky mess!

6. Gingerbread Men

Low Fat Gingerbread Men cookies
Fiona Haynes
These cute little gingerbread men use half the butter normally used in most gingerbread cookie recipes. Applesauce helps the cookies retain their moisture and gives them a soft texture. Enlist your kids to help decorate them.

7. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Low Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies
Fiona Haynes
It's hard to believe these chocolate chip cookies are low fat. By using half the normal amount of butter and substituting an egg white for a whole egg, these make a wonderful and almost guilt-free indulgence. The chocolate flavor is enhanced by using cocoa powder as well as the chocolate chips. And by using mini chocolate chips, we're making a smaller quantity go a long way.

8. Chocolate Rice Cereal Squares

Chocolate Rice Cereal Squares
Fiona Haynes
These delightfully chewy chocolate rice cereal squares are a great low-fat way to get your fix of chocolate. With just a drizzle of chocolate on top, these no-bake cocoa treats are almost guilt free.
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