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Low Fat Chocolate Desserts

Low-fat desserts featuring chocolate or cocoa flavors.

Chocolate Rice Cereal Treats
This sinful-looking low-fat chocolate rice cereal squares are a snap to make. They're perfect for popping into lunch boxes, or to take along to a party.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Enjoy these chocolate-dipped strawberries on Valentine's Day or as a summertime treat. Either way, they make a delicious low fat dessert.

Low Fat Fudge Brownies
These low fat brownies are dense and fudgy, making a wonderfully chocolatey treat. Enjoy these while they are still warm with a glass of cold, fat free milk.

Low Fat Chocolate Truffles
Give your sweetie these luscious low fat chocolate truffles on Valentine's Day, or serve them as a sweet, low fat after-dinner treat. These low fat truffles would make a perfect holiday gift at Christmas time, too.

Low Fat Chocolate-Banana Trifle
Try this delicious low fat chocolate-banana trifle from About.com's Guide to Baking.

Chocolate as a Health Food?
Chocolate is neither low fat nor low calorie, but its high flavonoid content may be good for your heart. Most of these antioxidant compounds are destroyed in processing, however.

Low Fat Banana Chocolate Parfait
Satisfy your chocolate craving with this deliciously low fat banana chocolate parfait.

Low Fat Brownies
These low fat brownies make a wonderfully chocolately treat. Served warm with a glass of cold milk, they taste just heavenly.

Reduced Fat Chocolate Pudding
Enjoy a rich-tasting, reduced-fat chocolate pudding as a sweet treat for a special occasion such as Valentine's Day. Top it with a curl or two of shaved dark chocolate or a fresh raspberry

Low fat Chocolate Cherry Smoothie
Chocolate and cherries go together very well, so here's a terrific low-fat chocolate cherry smoothie to give you an energy boost.

Chocolate Sorbet
We all need a bit of chocolate in our lives, so try a delicious chocolate sorbet recipe passed on to me by my friends at FitSugar.

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