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Hungry Girl: 200 Under 200 - 200 Recipes Under 200 Calories

200 Recipes Under 200 Calories

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Hungry Girl 200 Under 200

Hungry Girl 200 Under 200

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Lisa Lillien, better known as Hungry Girl, is a realist. She knows that for most of us, healthy eating is a daily struggle. No amount of organic spinach and acai juice is going to make us lose the desire to scarf down a slice of chocolate cake. So for those of us who want to have our cake and eat it, Hungry Girl shows us how to make that cake but with less fat and fewer calories.

Low Fat and Sugar Free

In a follow-up to her highly successful first book, Lillien delivers "Hungry Girl: 200 Under 200: 200 recipes under 200 calories." For a mere 109 calories, enjoy a chocolate marshmallow madness cupcake, or a double trouble chocolate trifle for 193 calories.

It's not just about dessert. Chips and dips, breakfast food, sandwiches, and mini meals are all here. The great thing about all these 200 calorie recipes is that you can mix and match, or eat every two or three hours without feeling guilty. But be prepared to rely heavily on processed foods: artificial sweetener is everywhere, egg substitute, fat-free whipped topping, flavored coffee-creamer powder, and seasoning packets. Lillien also picks product favorites, which at least takes the guesswork out of what to buy.

Lillien is also keenly aware that we need more fiber in our diet, so she uses Fiber One brand cereal in many of her recipes from parfaits to coatings for chicken or zucchini. All the recipes mesh with the Weight Watchers points system, though you'll have to find them on the Hungry Girl web site. Once again, Lillien delivers a fun and easy to use cookbook with plenty of neat facts to "chew on" plus an assortment of tips and trivia. For those of us who like to see what a recipe may look like, there are some photos, too, with the rest available on Hungry Girl's web site.

If you're looking for slimmed-down convenience, Hungry Girl's 200 Under 200 is just for you, but for those who prefer a fresher, less-processed approach to eating, 200 Under 200 won't cut it.

Published by St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN 0-312-55617-9

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