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When (Portion) Size Matters

By November 19, 2005

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Would you eat popcorn that was obviously stale葉wo-weeks-old stale, that is? Of course not, you say. Well, it turns out many of us would, particularly if we were handed a huge tub of it. According to research conducted by Cornell University, moviegoers given big tubs of stale popcorn ate 34% more than those served medium-sized tubs. Less surprising, perhaps, is that moviegoers given large tubs of fresh popcorn ate 45% more than those served the same popcorn in medium-sized containers.

The results were a surprise to most of the moviegoers, however: when asked if they thought they had eaten more because of the size of the container, 77% of those given large tubs said they would have eaten the same amount if given a medium container. In other words, they were unaware of the impact of serving size on their consumption.

The idea that large portions encourage overeating isn稚 new. Portion control is far more important to maintaining a healthy weight熔r to losing weight葉han the latest diet fad. Trouble is, most of us are really bad at monitoring portions, which is why books such as The Portion Teller, The No-Fad Diet and The New American Plate are so valuable in our never-ending quest to eat better and lose weight.


June 3, 2008 at 1:16 pm
(1) Merriellen says:

Listen people it is all true o\portions are out of control. I never had a whole bag of chips as a kid I had a bowl or container. One ice cream cone not the bucket and a spoon. Cut them back normally poeple eat two portions of everything they eat. And slow down and chew. I have worked on this diet for four yrs now and I have lost 100 lbs and kept it off and I am NOT active. Eat on a smaller plate. Fix your plate and get away from the bowl of food. Eat your portion and excuse yourself from the table if need be. All together it works but it all starts at the PORTIONING…

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